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Twelve years into development, the Pacific Apparel System provides apparel manufacturers, importers and distributors with the most affordable but powerful system available for managing an apparel company.

The System, while easy to use, contains features normally found in systems costing many times more. Whether your company is a startup and you need one computer, or larger and you need a network based system, we have the solution.

Even if your business is scattered all over the world, you can easily access the System over the Internet. Give Sales Reps the option to enter orders from a showroom, a customer's office or while at a trade show.

The powerful database, comprehensive reports and easy to read displays provide users with the information they need to make informed business decisions.

The installation is quick and easy. You can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Please take some time to browse this website and contact us for a demonstration. 310-397-1123 or
Software Solutions for the Apparel Industry
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Pacific Apparel Systems, Inc.
Last Update:
We have new pricing with special introductory pricing for single-user installations and reduced user prices for networks.
Please contact us for the new price schedule.
Integrated Credit Card Processing is available as an add-on module.
Click here for more information.
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Vendor Links
New Finished Goods Physical Inventory count using inexpensive scanners. Fast and easy to use. Available now.
Please call for pricing.
Finished Goods Import Costing Module
- Available now.  Click for more info.
Factor Interchange for Hana Financial available now.
Send Credit Applications, receive Credit Decisions that update PAS orders, and then send Invoices to Hana. Quick, easy order approval turn-around!
Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Access PAS on your server or office computer from your iPad tablet, Android tablets, and Microsoft Surface tablets with Microsoft Remote Desktop Program (RDP).  This free application is available on iTunes, the Android Play Store  and is pre-installed on Surface tablets. Can be combined with a VPN connection for fast and secure access.  Call us for more information.
NuORDER Integration - Receive Sales Rep orders over the Web and process those orders directly into PAS.  New Customers and Styles as well as available inventory positions are sent automatically to NuORDER each evening.
Put the power of remote order entry on an iPad into the hands of your sales reps.
Please contact us for pricing.  Available now.
A new Fabric Dye and Printing Order tracking module will be available in March 2014.
Issue Dye or Print orders to contractors and track both the undyed/unprinted goods and the dyed or printed inventory.
Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Sarbanes-Oxley Security Compliance for public companies.
Pacific Apparel System, Inc.
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