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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is MORE than just compliance. At DiCentral, we pioneered multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as the preferred EDI platform for buyers, suppliers, and logistics partners to seamlessly exchange data without costly investments in software or hardware.
Personalized support ensures that first-time users achieve EDI compliance quickly and economically.
Enterprise clients enjoy the benefit of expert consultation regarding integration of SaaS EDI solutions with their ERP or accounting system.
Web-hosted EDI solution that allows for any trading partner EDI guidelines.
Enables suppliers to delegate tasks to third parties easily and securely.
Allows a supplier to meet the unique requirements of each trading partner.
Seamless integration with your accounting / ERP systems.
Links to other vendors and services
Showroom Exchange - Web based software for showroom Sales Reps.
Ready to View - Information Technology (IT) services, consulting, computer networking, remote access and security solutions for all Microsoft Windows based installation.
Email Raffi at: or call 213-438-0600
Trusted Link Windows
TrustedLink Windows is a sophisticated EDI solution that simplifies the exchange of information with your trading partners. Designed for the Microsoft Window platform, it will help you start exchanging electronic transactions, even with your largest trading partners, in no time.

The Pacific Apparel System EDI module is fully integrated with TrustedLink.
ACI Printing Services
Forms, checks, labels, promotional items, etc.
Email Ann Irwin at about:email
Below are links to products that we use.  We think that you may find them useful. 
Below are links to various vendors that we work with or are integrated with.
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Disk Drive Recovery Services for RAID and regular disk drives
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Remote Order Entry for Sales Reps