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 Electronic Data Interchange & Factor Interchange
The EDI module is fully integrated with the PAS System and our EDI is fully integrated with both Inovis Trusted Link Windows and DI Central Integration.
Incoming customer orders are automatically entered into the PAS Order Processing system. No order entry is required.
All outgoing transactions - Advanced Ship Notices, Invoices, etc. are automatically collected and sent to your mailbox for forwarding to your customers.

Please call for pricing on this module.
Module Highlights
Expanded Menu Items List
Trusted Link Windows
TrustedLink Windows is a sophisticated EDI solution that simplifies the exchange of information with your trading partners. Designed for the Microsoft Window platform, it will help you start exchanging electronic transactions, even with your largest trading partners, in no time.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is MORE than just compliance. At DiCentral, we pioneered multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as the preferred EDI platform for buyers, suppliers, and logistics partners to seamlessly exchange data without costly investments in software or hardware.
Personalized support ensures that first-time users achieve EDI compliance quickly and economically.
Enterprise clients enjoy the benefit of expert consultation regarding integration of SaaS EDI solutions with their ERP or accounting system.
Printer Setup
Test Print UCC-128 Label
Export UPC Codes
Import EDI Transactions
EDI Purchase Orders
Names and Addresses
Product Activity
Planning Schedule
Order Status Inquiry
JC Penney Routing (754)
Factor Credit Decisions
Input Processing
EDI Invoices (810)
Ship Notices (856)
UPC Sales Catalog (832)
Hang Tag Order Exports
PO Acknowledgements (855)
Order Status Report (870)
JC Penney Routing Request (753)
JCP PO Acknowledgements (855)
JCP PO Cancellations (856)
Generate Factor Invoices
Generate Factor Credit Requests
Generate Factor Turndown Requests
Generate Factor Names and Addresses
Output Processing
Carton Packaging
Carton Packaging Maintenance
Print UCC-128 Carton Labels
Print Carton Packing Slips
Carton Packaging Import
Assign Bills of Lading
Bill of Lading Maintenance
Automatic Invoicing by BOLs
Print BOLs and Shipping Manifests
Packaging & Labels
Print UPC Sales Catalog Listings
Print & Order UPC Hang Tags
Print Ship Noticed Detail Listing
JC Penney TMS Entry
Print JCP TMS Transaction Register
UPC Code Display
Import UPS/Fedex Shipping Data
Generate UPS/Fedex Invoices
Displays, Listing, Other
Trading Partner Maintenance
UPC Code Maintenance
UPC NRF Size Code Maintenance
UPC NRF Size Code by Dimension
Carton Packaging Maintenance
Carton Type Maintenance
EDI System Install & Profile Updates
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