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New Features
Pacific Apparel Systems, Inc.
Advanced Allocation Module (03/09)
Provides greater control over the issuance of Picking Tickets, especially when inventory is not sufficient to cover customer orders. Picking Tickets will be issued with only those sizes that are covered by available inventory and back-order lines will automatically be generated on the order.
Please call for pricing on this feature.
Integrated Credit Card Processing Module - Available Now  (November 1, 2010)
Features will include:
Please call for pricing and more information on this feature.
Advanced Allocation
Integrated Credit Card Processing
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Finished Goods Import Costing Module (04/13)
Calculate the landed cost for a style before issuing a purchase order.  Landed Cost is calculated using duty codes and duties; fabric, freight, broker, agent, LC, and all other related costs. 
Input the actual costs for each receiving on purchase orders.
Print an Import Register with  all related costs for a PO Receipt
Please call for pricing on this feature.
Material Import Costing Module (11/13)
  Coming soon.
Please call for pricing on this feature.
Finished Goods Physical Inventory Count by UPC Scanner  (5/22/14)
Use inexpensiver Bluetooth, wireless or tethered scanners to take inventory by scanning the UPC codes on your products.  Once the warehouse is scanned, the collected scans are merged into the Physical Inventory module which provides the displays and reports needed to verify the count.  When ready, upload the new count to your perpetual inventory.  Fast, easy and inexpensive.
Please call for pricing on this feature.