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Integrated Credit Card Processing with ChargeItPro
What does 'Integrated' mean to you?

'Integrated' means that you can perform all of the needed credit card processing chores without having to leave the PAS programs that you use every day. You can preauthorize a credit card before issuing a picking ticket to the warehouse. You can then charge the customer's credit card while invoicing. When entering a credit memo, you can optionally post a credit to the customer's credit card.

What does 'Secure' mean to you?

ChargeItPro enables you to store up to 5 credit cards per customer on secure servers. The only information then visible in PAS is the card type and the last four numbers of the credit card. This means that you do not need to worry about unintended disclosure of credit card information.


Store up to 5 customer credit cards securely on the system
Process preauthorizations before issuing a picking ticket to the warehouse
Cancel a preauthorization
Print a Customer Credit Card Charge Authorization Form

Charge customer credit cards while invoicing
Voiding an invoice also voids the credit card charge
Refund customer credit cards while issuing credit memos
Voiding a credit memo also voids the credit card charge
Pay multiple invoices in Accounts Receivable with one credit card charge
Reverse payments in Accounts Receivable and credit a card

Customer Credit Card Activity Display
Transaction Summary by Date/Card Type
Credit Card Processing Charge and Return Register

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