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System Security (SOX)
Basic Security
  User Profiles - User sign-on and passwords
  Three User security levels.
  Module Access Control within User Profiles (Base Module, EDI, SalesRep, Warehouse)
  Dollar Limit Control within User Profiles (Credit Memos, Write-offs, Non-Factored,  Credit Approval).
  Management Levels within User Profiles.
  Allow or deny access to modules and programs at the user level.
Advanced Security to comply with the Sarbanes/Oxley Act (for Publicly Traded Companies)
  User sign-on minimum of 6 characters
  Password minimum of 6 characters with numbers and letters required
  Password expiration after a management specified number of days
  Tracking of successful and failed sign-on attempts
  Control of maximum number of sign-on attempts
  Tracking of successful and failed attempts to access secured modules and programs
Earthquake Safety in the Office
Pacific Apparel Systems, Inc.
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