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Earthquake Safety in the Office
Safety for Your Employees:

Create an escape plan from each area of your offices and warehouse and post it on the wall in each area.
Designate a place outside for everyone to gather until you have determined if it is safe to go back into the building. The gathering place should be away from overhanging electrical wires, away from the building in case of a collapse of an outside wall, etc.  Look up and all around when selecting this place.
Survey each office to determine what is likely to fall and either injure someone or block escape from the office.  Do the same with hallways and exit areas. 
Any piece of furniture, including file cabinets, that is higher than waist high on an average person, should be fastened to a wall to prevent tipping.
Install emergency lighting that will go on automatically when the power fails and place flashlights around the building on wall mounts so that they can easily be found.
Make sure that fire extinguishers are charged and ready for use and are easy to find.  Have all fire extinguishers inspected and refilled annualy.
If you use natural gas in your building (for steam tables, etc.) locate the gas shut-off valve and become familiar will the procedure for shutting off the gas.  You will need a wrench so get one and hang it on a chain on the gas meter near the shut-off valve.  Do not shut-off the gas unless you hear a leak or smell the gas.
Safety for Your computers:
Personal computers should not be placed on desktops for two reasons.  During an earthquake, they may fall and injure someone sitting at the desk or fall and become damaged and unusable.
Put your computers on the floor.  Also make sure that if it were to tip over, it would not block your way out of the office.  If your office has fire sprinklers on the ceiling, try to raise the computer a few inches off of the floor by placing it on a wooden platform. 
Links to Earthquake Safety and Fastening Supplies:

Disaster Preparedness Resources:

Governers Office of Emergency Services (California)
Emergency Preparedness for Home and Office (California OES)
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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Earthquake Safety in the Office
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