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Backup and Data Security
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Are you prepared for a loss of data caused by an earthquake, fire, theft, vandalism, tsunami, fire sprinker accident or any of the other wonderful things that can go wrong?
Do you forget to take home those backup tapes and leave them sitting on top of the server?
Backing up your data is the only way to insure that your business will survive even if your office or building does not. 
There are various ways to backup your data - tape, CD, removable disk drive, etc.  These are all good but if your building or it's contents are destroyed, these backups will probably be destroyed as well.
In addition to any of the above backup methods, consider saving your data to a remote server via one of the many Web based backup services.  These are set to perform the backup every day after business hours automatically so there is no forgetting to actually do the needed backup.  The cost is minimal, as little as $125 per year.
This is the service that we use:
There are many others available.  Just do a search for "Remote Backup Services" on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
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